From January 1, 2017 the TCS section is merged into of the Department of Computer Science. This page is no longer maintained.

Theoretical Computer Science Section

The Theoretical Computer Section at the IT University of Copenhagen conducts research on theoretical computer science, including both "tracks A and B" (programming, logic, and semantics; and algorithms and complexity theory). Current research topics include: automated reasoning, business processes, category theory, concurrency theory, distributed and mobile computing, domain theory, program logics and verification, software configuration, electronic voting, logical frameworks, programming language technology for functional and object-oriented languages, proof assistants, semantics, static analysis, workflow languages, complexity theory, graph algorithms, algorithm engineering, big data algorithms, and algorithmic game theory.



PhD Students

  • Agata Murawska
  • Tobias Christiani
  • Peter Brottveit Bock
  • Håkon Normann
  • Johan von Tangen Sivertsen
  • Thomas Dybdahl Ahle
  • Christian Graulund


  • Alec Faithfull
  • Nina Holm Larsen


Our offices are in the 4B and 4C corridors. The sections's email alias is "tcs" (with the usual domain).